“‘I can’t’ are two words that have never been in my vocabulary. I believe in me more than anything in this world.” - Wilma Rudolph


Women of Color have embodied the message that Wilma Rudolph has put forth by not only taking a chance and creating a business but by also preserving and creating businesses and side hustles . Women of Color are excelling and thriving in the realm of entrepreneurship and the black girl project commends each and everyone of these women  who has deleted the words I can’t from their vocabulary and replaced them with I can, I will and I shall!


Support Trans Women of Color Collective

TWOCC was established almost one year ago after the brutal murder of Islan Nettles, a black trans woman in New York City. Since then we have brought visibility to this case and uplifted the narratives of struggle and resilience from our communities. From our multiple appearances at conferences, to our various talks, and our numerous accountability sessions we have created a new space for trans women of color leadership in the movement.

We are an organizing collective, NOT a registered non-profit. We rely on grassroots fundraising to sustain the work. Trans women of color have historically — and continue to — put our bodies on the line for justice. The amount of unpaid emotional, physical, and psychological labor we do for our movements is astronomical. We are tired of the lip service that our allies give to trans women of color issues. We believe that the role of allies in our movement is to fund us so that we can do the work for ourselves! This is a fundraising campaign lead by allies to support our work. We need YOUR change, to make our own!

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Here are some ways to transform your passions so that they may begin to transition into your hustle.

Research:  Look into ways you can market the product or hustle that you want to work with. Look into how other women and men from the past have utilizes their skills and passions in order to create, build and profit off of it! 

Here are a list of traits Black Entrepreneurs have used their passions as a catalyst in order to create their Hustle. 

If the past is another country, then I am its citizen. I am the relic of an experience most preferred not to remember, as if the sheer will to forget could settle or decide the matter of history. I am a reminder that twelve million crossed the Atlantic Ocean and the past is not yet over. I am the progeny of the captives. I am the vestige of the dead. And history is how the secular world attends to the dead.

– Saidiya Hartman, “Lose Your Mother: A Journey Along the Atlantic Slave Route,” pp. 17-18 (via so-treu)

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